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You can still enroll in Obamacare if you meet any one of these qualifying life events.

Small Group Health Insurance

Change in legal marital status, including marriage, death of a spouse, divorce, legal separation and annulment.

Small Group Health Insurance

A change in the number of dependents, including birth, death, adoption and placement for adoption.

Small Group Health Insurance

A change in place of residence of the employee, retiree or their spouse or dependent and the current carrier is not available.

Small Group Health Insurance

Significant cost or coverage changes (including coverage curtailment and the addition of a benefit package).

Small Group Health Insurance

Judgments, decrees or orders.

Small Group Health Insurance

A change in coverage of a spouse or dependent under another employer’s plan.

Small Group Health Insurance

A COBRA qualifying event.

Small Group Health Insurance

Entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid.

Qualifying Life Events

There are other qualifying life events that you may meet - call us today 800-722-7331.

About us

InsureOne Benefits was founded in 2001.  At the time, there was little being done on a dedicated basis to help people understand and navigate the personal and family health insurance process.  Even fewer resources were available to those who were Medicare eligible.  InsureOne Benefits was created to change that.

To date, we have assisted over 50,000 people secure personal health insurance coverage while helping over 200,000 more understand their options including state and federal programs.

InsureOne Benefits is your dedicated personal health insurance resource helping individuals obtain solutions to their personal health insurance needs today and are prepared to help navigate their options through the Affordable Care Act healthcare exchanges.

A Simple Approach to Health Insurance

By serving the needs of the individual purchaser of health insurance, and providing them with the best possible medical insurance at the best possible rates, InsureOne Benefits quickly became the largest personal health insurance broker in Ohio.  We are also the oldest.

Our approach to medical insurance is simple: We listen to you.

We also educate and inform our clients, which helps them to make the smartest possible choice when purchasing personal health insurance coverage.

This simple approach has made us the oldest and largest health insurance broker in Ohio for those who need individual and family health insurance or are Medicare eligible.

If you need health insurance in Ohio, InsureOne Benefits can help.

Give us a call today, and discover for yourself why our clients call us the best personal health insurance agent in Ohio.

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Young Adult Essentials


Affordable, compliant, catastrophic coverage for individuals under the age of 30.

Rate based on a 25 year old nonsmoker in Cleveland, Ohio.

Short Term Health

Travel Short Term Medical PLUS


$2500 Deductible 80/20 Coinsurance Short Term Medical Plan

Rate based on a 21 year old male in Cleveland, Ohio.

Medicare Supplements

Auto Medical mutual of Ohio


Medicare Supplement Plan F

2014 rate for age 65.

Phone a Dr.

Private Health CADR+ (Consult A Doctor Plus)


CADR+ powered by Teladoc, provides you with phone, video, and mobile app access to licensed, US physicians, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No Co-Pays, No Deductible, No Waiting Room!

Accidental Injury

ACA American General, Accident Choice Plus


Policy provides accidental injury protection by providing benefits for certain services related to covered accidents.

$15,000 benefit max per year, $500 deductible - rate based on a 43 male nonsmoker.